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Sponsored Guide

CMS Automatic withdrawal

The amount of money you promised will be withdrawn from your account without the hassle of going to the bank every month or the remittance fee.

The Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute withdraws the amount of the donation you promised from your bank account and deposits it into the association, so you can sponsor a certain amount of money without the hassle of going to the bank every month and without remittance fees.
Sponsors can save on costs and fees, and carry out stable and planned sharing projects.

As it is approved by the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute, we need a sponsor's signature to agree to the sponsorship, so please fill out the application form and send it to the secretariat via fax or e-mail.

The withdrawal date will be determined by you, and if it is not withdrawn on the withdrawal date, it will be recharged and withdrawn on the 25th.

If you have any difficulties filling out the CMS application form, please do not hesitate to contact the association office or contact the "members bulletin board" after signing up.
02-942-6219 (weekday morning 10:00~오후 05:00)

Automatic Transfer Application Down

General automatic transfer

Visit the bank with your bankbook, stamp, ID card, and bank account, and complete an automatic transfer application.

Sponsored account number
Kookmin Bank 584101-01-140819 (Depositary stock : Korea Parkinson's Disease Association)

After visiting the bank with your bankbook, seal, ID card, and the above sponsored account, you can fill out an automatic transfer application or apply for automatic transfer every month through Internet banking.
If you fill out the application form after applying for automatic transfer, we will call you back.

Non-regular sponsorship is also possible if regular sponsorship is burdensome.