Together with us

Let's make a society that encourages, protects, cares, and cares for each other.

Association history

  • 2019

    2019.10 The 3rd National Tulip Family Gathering (Okcheon National Sports Center)

    2019.07 Business Agreement Ceremony (Medi Forum Constraints)

    2019.06 WPC Kyoto to Participate in the 5th World Parkinson Competition

    2019.05 The 2nd Park Golf Tournament for the President of the Parkinson's Association (Cheongju)

    2019.04 Promotional Ambassador Appointment Ceremony (Sung Woo Yang Ji Woon)

    2019.04 The 4th Dopamine Concert will be held (Songpa Women's Cultural Center)

    2019.02.18 Kim Geum-yoon, 6th Chairman

  • 2018

    2018.12.13 Choi Se-hwan, the Fifth Chairman

    2018.12.01 Appointment ceremony of goodwill ambassador for the association (Lee Ja-yeon, chairman of the Korea Singers Association)

    2018.12.01 Korean Parkinson's Disease Association 10th Anniversary Concert (Hanhwa Art Hall)

    2018.04.11 World Parkinson's Day (Special Lecture by Professor Jeon Won-seok of Seoul National University Hospital)

  • 2017

    2017.04 The 3rd Dopamine Concert will be held in 2017

    2017.04 Registration of corporation by the Korea Parkinson's Disease Association

    2017.04 Permission to establish a Seoul branch of the Korea Parkinson's Disease Association

    2017.02 Fourth Chairman Choi Jin Kyung

  • 2016

    2016.04 Moving to the office of the Korea Parkinson's Disease Association, Yeongdeungpo 248, Dongsomun-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Gileum-dong, Sambu Apartment Shopping Center 102 and 306

    2016.03 Gwangju-Jeonnam Regional Headquarters Opens

  • 2015

    2015.12 Woolsey Register Non-profit Civilian Organizations

    2015.09 Attending the Asia Parkinson's Forum (Tokyo)

    2015.04 Participation in the Red Tulip Campaign hosted by the Korean Parkinson's Disease Society

    2015.04 Hold the 2nd Dopamine Concert

  • 2013

    2013.09 Attending the 3rd WPC (Montreal)

    2013.05 The 1st 2013 Dopamine Concert will be held

    2013. 05. The Parkinson's Center at Severance Hospital is organized by a concert.

    2013.02 Partnership with WPC

    2013.01 Yoon Yong-on, the third chairman of the company

  • 2012

    2012 Join the Korea Rare Intractable Diseases Association KORD

  • 2011

    2011. 10 Second Chairman Park Tae-jong

  • 2010

    2010 Attending the Second World Parkinson's Conference (WPC, Glasgow)

  • 2009

    2009 Japan Association (JPDA) Osaka Branch Visit Korea

  • 2008

    2008. First Chairman Kim Young-Dong

    2008.11.29 Found the Korea Parkinson's Disease Association