Together with us

Let's make a society that encourages, protects, cares, and cares for each other.



The Korea Parkinson's Disease Association is with you.

The Korea Parkinson's Disease Association is a non-profit organization that helps patients by improving their rights, welfare, and providing medical information to patients who are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which is a serious incurable disease.
We want to be a source of comfort and strength with 150,000 patients nationwide and to protect their rights and interests.
We need a soft shelter to overcome pain and stay together.
I hope that you will be with us with interest and love to realize the dreams of Parkinson's patients, and it will be an association that gives joy and happiness to the lives of patients in their old age.
We will do our best for the welfare of Parkinson's patients.

Chairman of the Korea Parkinson's Disease Association Yang   sung dong